Secret Selections Genetics Testing

We are a group of experienced growers and breeders that seek to further the genetic stability and quality assurance. Through vigorous testing and analysis we are able to provide quantitative and qualitative results to breeders who then can make informed decisions on their releases.

If you are a breeder and would like more information on joining for project testing/PR opportunities/Popularity testing, please feel free to contact us via

If you are an experienced grower and have an active discord account, are US based and interested in becoming a tester for us, please fill out our interview form.

Founded by Raw Genetics in 2021 we service a number of breeders including:
Apical Equilibrium
Cutthroat Cultivars
Babylon Burning Selections
Dragons Flame Genetics
Hillbilly Genetics (CA)
Loose Cannon Genetics
Paradigm Genetics
Sanguine Seed
Soul Rebel Collective
Soojhi’s Selects
Zephyr Zeeds